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Tache Cattery

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Her dad’s in grave danger, but she has to keep it a secret.  She thought the Child Protection Act drama was behind her, but who was the mastermind?  And why do they want her dad dead?  Her grandma and she think the Governor might be involved.  Sometimes to get close to a man, you go through his wife.  Or daughter.  Paxine and her grandma head for a cat show to check out the Governor’s wife and daughter, who are showing a prize cat.  Tache must pretend to be a show cat, but his idea of being discreet is showing off.  Will he behave?

Paxine finds that she needs more than just Tache and her grandma to help her this time.   Buildings are exploding.  People are chasing her with guns.  So she decides to do something highly illegal and no one minds.  She needs friends and more Tails.  

Can she get all the Tails and her friends to help her at the same time?  And capture the mastermind behind all this?


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  On her twelfth birthday, her grandma gives her an exotic spotted cat named Tache.  As soon as their eyes meet, Paxine finds she can see and hear through Tache’s eyes and ears.  She thinks Tache is special, but her grandma says it’s the other way around.  Paxine is the one who is special.  She can talk to cats and cats can talk to her.  However, Paxine thinks her grandma is a little special, too.  How many grandmas teach you how to read lips in order to eavesdrop?

Her dad thinks Tache is trouble and isn’t happy about a curious cat compromising his security.   But how do you blame a kitten for intruders in the house?  Or Explosives?  And poison?

Paxine is discovering everyone seems to have a secret; secrets that need to stay secret.  There is her great Uncle Garon who is a master gadget maker, who seems to think it’s best to have a weapon that isn’t a weapon.  Her grandma is the director of an organization within which cats are Tail Guards, who protect the special people who can understand them.  

Paxine finds herself relying more and more on Tache as the security of her parents crumbles around her.  Even her grandma seems to be having security issues.  And why is everyone worried about the approaching Charity Gala Ball?  Aren’t parties supposed to be fun?  What is this Child Protection Act that is upsetting her grandma?  Is it coincidence that Paxine’s dad can’t seem to protect his own daughter?  Or is someone making it appear that way?

Can Tache, her Tail, keep protecting her in the adult world of politics and murder?  He is just a kitten after all.  Isn’t he?

Paxine and Tache, her Tail, are having the best summer vacation; skiing, until her Grandma calls and sends her on a world wide chase.  Dragonslayer, her grandma's stud cat was catnapped.

Paxine is the only one who can talk to and find Dragonslayer.  She heads out accompanied by Vernon, her Great Uncle Garon's assistant, and Champe  Gustaflynn, her dad's college friend.

The chase is on, but the catnappers seem to always be one step ahead.

Paxine makes new friends along the way and meets a few old friends.  She and her friends are on a journey of making adult decisions and finding out just when you think your troubles are over, they've just begun.

Dragonslayer isn't the only one kidnapped.

Laura sees strings.  

Strings are memories people create during heightened emotional episodes.  These strings are left behind on  inanimate objects, creating a history that Laura can read.   Not a bad skill to have for an antique appraiser.  However, not all strings are good.  When she bumps into a serial killer with twenty-three bloody strings attached to his knife, things become personal.  Her best friend, Carol, is dating him.  Laura suspects Carol is his  next victim.  She tries going to the police, but they think she’s a kook.  Travis Dyner is a respected member of the  community.  He broadcasts the college football games.  The police say this isn’t the first time someone has tried to stop him calling the game.  But what can Laura do?  All she has are his strings.  How can she use her talents to catch him in time to save her friend?  …and possibly herself

The Books

Seroje is a high-functioning autistic with a photographic memory.  She has found a niche in mainstream society, hired as an investigator by OSLO, a watchdog company, because of her unique ability to observe, recall and report with a high degree of detail.  But OSLO prefers well-balanced employees and, as a loner, she’ become a blip on their radar.  So when quiet billionaire Craig Manor asks her out to dinner, she agrees, thinking to please her employers.  When Craig becomes her next assignment after a failed attempt on his life, she even begins to enjoy his company.  But why is she being followed?  Why does she feel everyone is after her--Including OSLO and Craig, the one man she thought she could trust?

The Books